Author: Anthony Jayesingha

New leadership to steward statewide need for housing BCM Georgia (formerly Buckhead Christian Ministry) is the leading nonprofit committed to housing stability and security to prevent homelessness  ATLANTA (October 3, 2023) […]

She’s a single mom of two sons – ages 11 and 17 – and her job as a Customer Care Specialist transferred her from New Jersey to Georgia in January […]

“At this point in life I’m not dreaming; I’m making plans and goals.” That’s the confidence of someone who made it through to the other side of hard times stronger […]

Leaving behind something bad isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it can bring about new struggles. That’s just what happened five years ago when Jakeya left a bad relationship behind […]

At this year’s Seeds of Change Society Luncheon, we introduced Extra Wish, our brand-new grant program to benefit our Budget for LifeTM participants. Thanks to generous givers, we were able […]

You’d never know she nearly ended up on the streets judging from where she is now. Vera Hanna worked as a consultant for numerous corporations throughout the United States in […]