From dreams to plans: Demond’s Foundation 3 story

“At this point in life I’m not dreaming; I’m making plans and goals.”

That’s the confidence of someone who made it through to the other side of hard times stronger and more capable than before. That’s Demond’s story after participating in BCM Georgia’s Foundation 3 program.

Born and raised in Greenwood, Mississippi, 32-year-old Demond Banks relocated to Atlanta in 2015. He came to complete mortuary school – which he did in 2017 – but while here, Demond had his son A’maise and started his own catering business. He’s been an Atlanta resident ever since. Along with his catering company, Demond also works as an Apprentice Embalmer/Funeral Director.

But before the life he has now, Demond struggled to make ends meet for himself. 

“Life was very stressful and uncertain. Having eviction debts on my credit background prevented me from getting my own place here in Georgia, so my son and I lived with my sister and her daughter,” Demond said. “Back then in 2017, I worked at Georgia Tech as a cook II, directly under a sous chef.”

Through this job, Demond discovered BCM Georgia and the program that would help turn his life around for the better.

“I initially heard about Foundation 3 long before I had a child of my own. My then-coworker was a single mother with four kids, and she spoke highly of the program: how it was helping her get on her feet and how she finally felt like things were changing for her,” he said.

That’s exactly what Demond wanted for himself. And when his son came along, the stakes were higher than ever – so he enrolled in Foundation 3.

Thanks to lots of hard work and some assistance from BCM, Demond is on a new path – one with a brand-new future.

“The help I received from BCM has drastically changed the course of my life,” he said. “It has helped create solid new beginnings for me and my son. The best lesson I learned was how to take control over my finances, plan and budget for things to come. 

“Foundation 3 truly works and is truly helping families overcome some of the most difficult challenges any family can face.”

Some of the things to come for Demond and his son aren’t merely dreams, as he said, they’re goals and plans.

“I plan to continue to grow and expand my catering business, and I opened my first restaurant DATKITCH earlier this month,” he said. “I would hate to think that I’d still be in the same position I was in before without BCM, but I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Those who support BCM financially play a direct role in changing lives – lives just like that of Demond and his son. 

“For me, BCM Georgia means hope, new beginnings and stability,” he said. “So thank you! In whatever way you saw fit to give, we appreciate your gestures wholeheartedly!”

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