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Emergency Assistance

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Emergency Assistance

BCM Georgia’s financial assistance is dedicated to forestalling eviction and utility shut-offs by providing financial assistance to individuals and families experiencing a crisis such as illness, death in the family, divorce, or job setbacks. BCM Georgia will pay a portion of rent, mortgage, or utility bills to help our clients maintain stable housing. However, clients must prove they have paid the rent, mortgage, or utility balance before BCM Georgia will release any funds. BCM Georgia’s Financial assistance is available to families once in 12 months and no more than twice in five years.

BCM Georgia does not make partial rental or mortgage payments. Before BCM Georgia releases funds, you must have proof of paying the balance. Payment arrangements with your landlord or mortgage company must be in writing and verified by the BCM Georgia Case Manager.

Please submit an online application to make an appointment for an interview for financial assistance.  All appointments are virtual.  There are no in-person appointments.
Online Application


Eligibility for financial assistance:

  • A current lease or mortgage in client’s name. Client must have resided and paid rent or mortgage at that address for a minimum of three full months.
  • Must be employed within the past 12 months or be unable to work due to age or disability.
  • Must have a documented emergency within the past 12 months, including but not limited to:
    • Illness or death in the family
    • Loss of job
    • Reduction in work hours or pay
    • Unexpected expenses (major car repairs, house repairs)

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“Funding provided in part by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners
under the guidance of the Department of Community Development CSP Program.”


Rent, Mortgage, Utility Relief

Do you need help paying your rent, mortgage or utility bills?

Click here to complete an application for services.

When completing this application, you agree to allow your information to be shared with service providers who may be able to help you.

You are submitting a request that will be matched with a service provider in your area. These area providers are working together to try to help more people experiencing this need. You should hear back from someone within a week. If you have any questions, please contact

This application is currently only serving select counties in the greater Atlanta area. As you make your way through this application, you may discover your area is not currently covered. Please contact United Way 2-1-1, as this service provides community information matched to your zip code and need. You can search online at, dial 211, or text 211 to 898-211 to receive a list of referrals based on your zip code.


Foundation 3™

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Foundation 3™

Through Foundation 3™, BCM Georgia helps working families that are experiencing or are on the brink of homelessness establish a solid financial foundation. The program targets three essential areas: safe housing, stable employment, and education. While enrolled in the program, participants receive financial assistance for rent and utilities for 12 months. Participants are required to attend weekly virtual case management meetings, including career-based education and employment services, among other case specific supports.

To be eligible for participation in Foundation 3™ , families must be experiencing homelessness or on the brink of homelessness and must be a parent or guardian of at least one minor child plus be employed full-time.

Homeless or on the brink of homelessness include:

  • Lack of a fixed, regular, and adequate overnight residence can include living at a location not intended for human habitation.
  • Imminent risk of losing housing within seven days of eviction.
  • Currently fleeing or attempting to flee domestic or dating violence, sexual assault, stalking, or other dangerous or life-threatening situations resulting in homelessness.
  • Lack of reliable housing, such as staying with friends or family or living in a motel

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Budget for Life™

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Budget for Life™

Budget for Life™ is a 12-month virtual financial education program for working individuals and families. The program focuses on helping participants build the skills, knowledge, and habits to become financially stable. These skills help participants make better economic decisions in the future. Participants are required to attend virtual meetings for case management, financial coaching sessions, and financial education classes.

Budget for Life™ is designed as a partnership. Program participants must agree to commit to program policies. Participants are required to make significant changes to their spending and financial behavior. In return, BCM Georgia provides substantial support services to help program participants reach their goals.

Candidates interested in applying for Budget for Life™ must have:

  • Debt such as credit cards, loans, car note or medical debt.
  • A lease or mortgage in your name and show proof you have paid 3 full months of rent or mortgage.
  • Income at or below 200% federal guideline based on household size. Please see chart below to see income eligibility based on family size.
Family Size 200% per Month
1 $2,430
2 $3,287
3 $4,143
4 $5,000
5 $5,857
6 $6,713


  • At least one adult in the household who is working full time 35 hours a week or more; in addition, all adults in the household must be willing to fully participate in the program by attending all scheduled virtual meetings.

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