“Heaven-sent” financial education lifts weight off of single mom’s shoulders

She’s a single mom of two sons – ages 11 and 17 – and her job as a Customer Care Specialist transferred her from New Jersey to Georgia in January of 2021.

That was the wake-up call about her financial situation.

“Life before BCM was a little challenging,” Kendra said. “I had just moved, and in the same week, my vehicle was totaled. I’d broken my lease at my former apartment because of an infestation of roaches. 

“I was drowning a little bit, being a single mother and just trying to maintain. I didn’t see any way out.”

Kendra knew she needed help in order to maintain safe housing for her family – then Budget for LifeTM came into the picture.

“Being alone in Georgia helped me see where my money was going – whether good or bad – and allowed me to redirect my finances.

“One of the best lessons I have learned so far [through BCM] is managing my money; Budget for LifeTM has changed my perspective tremendously.”

Along with participating in Budget for LifeTM, Kendra was also selected to receive an Extra Wish grant at this year’s Seeds of Change Luncheon.

This gift of up to $1,000 was given to just a handful of Budget for LifeTM participants by members of BCM’s Seeds of Change Society to provide extra relief. She used the grant to help cover the cost of furnishing their new, roach-free apartment.

“To say the least, the Extra Wish lifted a huge weight off my shoulders,” she said.

“Without these programs, I would be totally messed up financially,” she said, “and would not have been able to replace the furniture I lost due to the roach infestation in my last apartment.”

And while she’s happy to be where she is now, Kendra is also looking to the future.

“My dreams are to continue to work with the skills I’ve learned and continue my journey towards financial freedom – controlling my finances versus it controlling me. I’m also looking to buy a house in the next two years,” she said. 

After going through the work of Budget for Life – and it is a lot of work – Kendra wants to encourage others to take the plunge and invest in their financial future.

“If you are serious and you work this program effectively and consistently, you will experience relief from your financial burdens. It’s an overall amazing program,” she said. “And the fact that this program assists working people is a super plus.

“I’d like to give a huge shoutout and thank you to all the mentors and coaches. Volunteering your time and adapting to our schedules is truly one of a kind. Everyone was very supportive and attentive, and it was a pleasure working with such humble people. 

“To the donors who help make this all possible, your humility is unmatched! I pray for a continual outpouring of God’s blessings in your lives as you continue to bless many others. Your generosity is needed in this world. From the bottom of my heart: thank you all so much. 

“BCM means everything to me. It’s like it was heaven-sent, just in the nick of time.”

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