Dear Friends,

The challenges of mental and emotional illness and suffering afflict many in our community.  Unfortunately, too few of those who see a loved one in pain are equipped with the knowledge and resources to best support their loved one in what could be the crisis of their lives.  How do we help our people in crisis and help those who love them most?  What can we do in unity to make a difference? 

BCM is proud to web host the “One Lamb Initiative Alliance” with a commitment to do just that!  The event calendar below has been created to be a central repository of information and resources for those struggling with significant mental and emotional challenges, and for the families who love them.  Our goal is to join together as a community of churches and other non-profits to provide YOU a ministry of support!

Together we can chip away at the stigma and create a loving place to seek support and love.  The event calendar below is an offering of the upcoming programming offered in the area. We hope this will bring connection, support, information, and healing.

Diane Moffett

OLI Resources

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